The United States has urged Yemen's Huthi rebels to drop charges targeting the Baha'i community, which said that 24 believers of the faith will face a new trial session Tuesday.

The number of US troops who sustained traumatic brain injury when Iran launched missiles at their base in Iraq last month has risen to 110, the Pentagon said Friday.

Tehran continues to deliver weapons to Yemen's Huthi rebels, the US military said Wednesday, following a second interception in less than three months of what

The United States said Thursday it has secured a seven-day reduction in violence in Afghanistan that it hopes will allow it to strike a deal with the Taliban, as President

The former US ambassador who was a key figure in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial criticized US foreign policy on Wednesday as "amoral" and based on

While discussing the US economic outlook, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Tuesday had to fend off accusations he may be feeling undue influence from

A plan for NATO to expand its Iraq mission by taking personnel from the anti-IS coalition could satisfy President Donald Trump's call for more alliance action in the

The White House will unveil a budget proposal that drops the Republicans' long-term goal of eliminating the federal deficit over the next 10 years, US media said Sunday.

US presidential advisor Jared Kushner said on Sunday that if Palestinians are unable to meet the conditions of the new Middle East peace plan he crafted, Israel should not take "the risk to

President Donald Trump denied Friday a new report that he instructed his then national security advisor John Bolton to get directly involved in a secret plot to pressure