Media will be barred from the Republican National Convention in North Carolina later this month, US news outlets reported, when President Donald Trump will formally receive his party's

The United States will slash its military presence in Germany by 11,900 troops in what the Pentagon on Wednesday called a "strategic" repositioning but President Donald Trump said was to

President Donald Trump touted June's US jobs report Thursday as "spectacular news," saying the return to work of 4.8 million Americans marks a huge comeback for an economy hit hard by

US President Donald Trump has said he would consider meeting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and indicated that he is not entirely confident in the country's opposition leader, according

Dinanda Pramesti, a 26-year-old communications worker, dropped off bags of food and supplies for protestors at a demonstration in Washington this week, heeding an urgent call made

President Donald Trump did not suffer side effects from his controversial taking of hydroxychloroquine and is in good health, despite remaining obese, the White House said Wednesday, after

A top White House aide renewed a warning on Sunday that the US might revoke Hong Kong's special trading privileges if China enacts a tough new security law covering the territory.

Top Democrats on Thursday urged President Donald Trump to order flags flown at half staff when the US coronavirus death toll reaches 100,000, saying the salute would reflect a "national

US President Donald Trump further hardened his rhetoric towards China on Thursday, saying he no longer wishes to speak with Xi Jinping and warning darkly he might cut ties over the rival

President Donald Trump's aide and son in law Jared Kushner said he couldn't guarantee the US presidential election will take place on time, due to the coronavirus pandemic -- only to walk