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This Week In Pariana, Ariana Grande Is NOT Pregnant

While every week may bring with it unexpected political horrors and baffling celebrity antics, we can always rely on Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande to distract us. The couple, which blossomed in the spring and solidified in the summer, seems to have found their groove. Grande's back in the studio and Davidson's become a Saturday Night Live staple thanks to his jump to pop-star-level fame, so we have a lot to discuss.

This week, the couple laid low from paparazzi or any kind of interviews, but still made headlines thanks to what they do best: Instagram and tattoos. In fact, they were even the subjects of an baffling pregnancy conspiracy theory thanks to something a fan spotted in the background of one of Grande's photos. Speaking of conspiracies, other fans briefly speculated the couple broke up due to a new tattoo on Davidson's neck.

However, both of these things ended up being false. As far as we know, the couple is still as happy as a clam — or, shall we say, a pet pig.

Ahead is everything Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande got up to this week.

Unlike the week before, Davidson's most recent Saturday Night Live monologue didn't mention Grande. However, it's noteworthy that this is his second appearance on Weekend Update in a row. In fact, Davidson seems to be popping up more in the forefront of sketches, and in general getting more screen time than any seasons prior, and I think a certain pop star is to blame. Suddenly, people can't get enough Pete!

Speaking of Saturday Night Live, his words weren't the only thing that caught people's attention. Viewers also noticed what appeared to be a cover-up of one of his Ariana Grande-inspired tattoos. His previous Dangerous Woman bunny mask has been covered up with a black heart — but don't worry, next to that heart is the letter "A." His love for Grande isn't going anywhere.

As for Grande, she faced her own social media flurry after posting a meme a fan made of her face. It was a riff on the "I showed you my dick please respond" meme that first made rounds in 2014. However, it also prompted backlash, to which Grande said: "i found it and posted it bc it was funny relax immediately."

Consider us relaxed.

Speaking of social media, Grande still isn't pregnant, y'all. A little over a week ago, fans spotted what looked like a heated crib in the background of a mirror selfie, causing them to speculate that she was pregnant, or that she and Davidson had already had a secret child — even though they haven't even been together nine months. But Grande made sure to clear it all up in a recent caption:

"once again, that is for my pig i still do not have a secret child."


And, because it's Friday, and because that pig really is so cute, here's a music video Grande made starring the one and only Piggy Smallz.

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