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The economies of every US state and DC, ranked from worst to best

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The US is a massive, complex economy, and so too are the component economies of the 50 states and Washington, DC, that make up the whole.

Business Insider combined six measures of labor-market and general economic health for all the states and the District of Columbia. They are the unemployment rate, job growth, per-capita GDP, GDP growth, average weekly wages, and wage growth. By putting all those on a common scale and combining them, we came up with an overall score for each state's economy.

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Here's how the economy of each state and DC is doing right now, along with one of each state's official symbols, according to Wikipedia — just for fun:

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51. South Dakota

South Dakota was only one of two states with negative GDP growth in Q4 2017, with the state's GDP declining by 0.5%. The state's April 2018 average weekly wage of $754 was fourth-lowest in the country, but its unemployment rate of 3.4% was lower than the average rate of 4.0% among the states and DC.

50. North Dakota

North Dakota had the worst year-over-year change in its labor market among the 50 states and DC, with the number of non-farm payroll jobs declining by 1.8% between April 2017 and April 2018. The state also had the worst economic growth, with GDP falling 1.3% in Q4 2017. 

49. Mississippi

Mississippi's Q4 2017 GDP per capita of $37,997 and April 2018 average weekly wage of $709 were both the lowest among the states and DC.

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