October 16, 2019

Taylor Swift Performed Acoustic Songs From Lover ‘Because They All Started Out That Way’ On ‘Tiny Desk’

Taylor Swift's epic performance at NPR's Tiny Desk was comprised of songs from both 'Lover' and 'Red.' It was just her, a piano, and a guitar.
October 16, 2019

For Kit Harington, His Game Of Thrones Co-Stars Were Like Real Siblings

Kit Harington recently spoke on his familial relationship with his Game of Thrones co-stars, noting how he viewed them as actual siblings during and after filming.
October 14, 2019

Justin Bieber Is Really Proud Of This Beaded Necklace He Made Hailey

Justin Bieber shared a sweet snap of the necklace he made for his new wife Hailey via Instagram, apparently very proud of his handiwork.
October 14, 2019

Travis Scott’s ‘Highest In The Room’ Is Also Now Highest On The Charts

Travis Scott's new single 'Highest in the Room' has hit the top of the 'Billboard' Hot 100. It's his first single to debut at the No. 1 spot.
October 13, 2019

Camila Cabello Time-Traveled To The 18th Century In An Enlightenment-Era SNL Performance

Camila Cabello was the musical guest on 'SNL' last night when she performed 'Cry For Me' and 'Easy.' For 'Cry For Me,' she wore a beautiful rococo dress from the 18th century.
October 11, 2019

Chance The Rapper Confronts The Skeletons In His Closet In ‘We Go High’ Video

Chance the Rapper illustrates the ups and downs of his and his wife's relationship in the video for "We Go High."
October 11, 2019

If You Buy Justin Bieber’s Beverly Hills Home, He’ll Throw In The Furniture

Justin Bieber showed off several photos of his ornate Beverly Hills home on Instagram before immediately stating he wanted to sell it, even offering to throw in all the furniture.
October 11, 2019

See Emily Blunt Accidentally Punch Dwayne Johnson In The Face In New Jungle Cruise Trailer

Disney released the trailer for 'Jungle Book,' a movie inspired by the hilarious and adventure-filled ride in the Disneyland theme park. The highly anticipated film, which will take us on an adventure through the Amazon jungle, will star Emily Blunt an...
October 11, 2019

Chris Farren Was Born Hot, Even If His Music Confesses Otherwise

Emo-tinged singer-songwriter Chris Farren enjoys a public persona that sends up image expectations while making deeply personal music that probes into doubt and insecurity. He tells MTV News about it and his new album, 'Born Hot.'
October 9, 2019

Astrid S And The Journey Into Vulnerability

Ahead of a recent show in New York City, Norwegian pop singer Astrid S talked to MTV News about her singing-competition rise, doubting herself, and finally climbing out with some help from honesty.