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A Complete Rundown Of The Death Predictions On Light As A Feather

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the show Light as a Feather.What's the message of Light as a Feather, a riveting Hulu Original that drops in its entirety on October 12? Is it, "Don't befriend the new girl?" How about, "Don't play games in grav...

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the show Light as a Feather.

What's the message of Light as a Feather, a riveting Hulu Original that drops in its entirety on October 12? Is it, "Don't befriend the new girl?" How about, "Don't play games in graveyards?" Those work — but if we're aiming for accuracy, the show's real takeaway is: "Don't make plans if you're planning to start Light as a Feather, because you won't be able to look away for five hours."

Light as a Feather is like Final Destination mixed with Pretty Little Liars and a dash of demonology. At the start of the show, four high school girls gather for their Halloween tradition of drinking in a graveyard. This time, they're joined by newcomer Violet (Haley Ramm), who persuades the girls to play a game of "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board." Before the girls join together to magically "lift" the girl lying down, Violet gives each of them a deadpan prediction of how she will die.

The extra disconcerting part? Violet's predictions start coming true. Here's how each of the characters under Violet's curse are predicted to die — and whether her predictions actually come true.

Olivia(Peyton List)

Who She Is: Olivia is the definitive leader of her friend group. She's the kind of girl whose birthday celebration not only is a Big Deal — it has rules, too. Everyone attending has to bring a date. "Olivia is romantic and she likes for everyone to be paired," Candace (Ajiona Alexus) explains.

How She's Predicted To Die: Olivia, naturally, is the first to get a prediction. Violet predicts that Olivia will careen down a highway, driving distractedly. She'll drive into a truck. "The only part of Olivia Richmond not reduced to veggie burger is Olivia's left arm on the blacktop," Violet says.

What Happens? Unfortunately for Olivia, Violet's prediction comes true. The night of her birthday party, Olivia discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend, Candace. Devastated, Olivia drives away from the party. She ends up almost getting into a car accident. Already frazzled by the event's similarity to Violet's prediction, she gets in a car with Trey (Jordan Rodrigues), who happens to be driving by. They get into a grisly accident. Trey tells McKenna that in the car, Olivia predicted exactly how she'd die.

Photo Credit: Victoria Will/Hulu

Candace(Ajiona Alexus)

Who She Is: Candace is a motivated, ambitious woman who's tired of being constantly compared to Olivia. She's in a semi-relationship with Olivia's boyfriend.

How She's Predicted To Die: Candace is afraid of only one thing: Water. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, Violet predicts that she will drown.

What Happens? Candace, already suspicious of Violet, freaks out during a school assembly after Violet defeats her in the school's presidential election. This lands her in a mental facility. During the swim therapy, which Violet paid for, she accidentally drowns.

Photo Credit: Rachael Thompson/Hulu

Alex (Brianne Tju)

Who She Is: Alex is a chatty, bold member of the dance team — who also harbors a problem with prescription pills, which sometimes gets out of control: On the evening of Olivia's birthday party, she gives a damning toast to Olivia while high. She is a lesbian.

How She's Predicted To Die: Violet predicts that Alex will choke in the school hallways. "They say ten minutes without oxygen will leave somebody brain damaged for life. Maybe Alex got lucky. Her heart stopped after five," Violet says.

What Happens? Alex almost chokes on a pill in the school hallway, but someone knocks into her, dislodging the pill. Alex survives the season — but her death by choking may be still be looming.

Photo Credit: Victoria Will/Hulu

Violet (Haley Ramm)

Who She Is: Violet is the new girl who transferred to this high school after an unexplained mystery. She has an inexplicable and undeniable aura of creepiness.

How She's Predicted To Die: As the curse designates, only one of the five players will remain alive. A few weeks after playing the game in her old boarding school, Violet and her boyfriend, Mark, were the only ones left. Mark sacrificed himself by jumping off a bridge so Violet could stay alive. As a result, she becomes the keeper of the curse.

What Happens? Violet is put away for her involvement in Mark's death — she was the one who pushed Mark from the top of a bridge. Big picture, Violet doesn't mind the confinement — she's passed on the curse to someone else. The strange growth on her back is gone. We don't know how Violet is predicted to die.

Photo Credit: Rachael Thompson/Hulu

McKenna (Liana Liberato)

Who She Is: Even before the recent string of deaths among her friends, McKenna was well acquainted with grief. Her twin sister, Jenny, died of a heart attack two years prior. As we learn, the heart attack was brought on by stimulants that Alex had given her. McKenna and Jenny both have a congenital heart defect.

How She's Predicted To Die: For some reason, Violet can't predict McKenna's death during that first graveyard visit. We later learn that Jenny, her late sister, is protecting her. Finally, Violet is able to predict McKenna's death in the final episode, when they all play "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" again. Violet says that McKenna will follow Jenny into the darkness and stay with her. However, McKenna's able to pull herself back into the human world when Alex stops the game.

What Happens? McKenna thinks she "beats" the curse by passing it onto her dead sister, Jenny, in some kind of spectral realm. But the show's final shots reveal that McKenna is mistaken. McKenna, not Violet, is the keeper of the curse. That pulsing growth in her back will continue to grow until the game and finds four new victims. Ostensibly, that'll be the focus of season 2. Poor McKenna's mom, honestly.

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